A Misfit's Therapy

by Grimm Tha Kid

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I want to start by saying, I appreciate every single pair of hands this mixtape is in. Thank you for taking the time out of your day, out of your life, to support me and my dream. I’ve worked endlessly trying my greatest to perfect every aspect of this mixtape, hoping someone like me would appreciate it as a whole, on a more important level than just music identity. Somone like me, a misfit. Someone who lives and breathes through and for music. Someone who can’t function throughout their day without listening to music, to the artists and bands that helped them through the most important parts of their life. This one’s for us, the misfits who have been told we can’t our whole lives. The misfits that grew up in broken homes. The misfits that got bullied for being the weird kid. The misfits that have been insecure about themselves their entire lives because of traumatic experiences they can’t seem to forget about. The misfits that can’t go to therapy or councling because their anxiety is too overwhelming to walk into the front door of the building. The misfits that can’t fucking seem to let happiness walk into their life, without depression overruling every sign and form of being happy. This is for us, for you and I.

I want to thank my family, starting with my Mom. Words can not express my love for you, nor my appreciation. I want to see you stable, happy, healthy, and carefree just as much as you want to see me succeed in following and living my dreams. One day soon you’ll be looking out the window of a penthouse, overlooking the gorgeous city, and I’ll die happy knowing Momma’s only boy led her to such luxury. You deserve it. I love you. I want to thank my little sister Elizzabeth for all of the continuous love and support, though we’ve been separated for almost 2 years. Thank you for every phone call and conversation. I love you and the strong woman you’ve become. I want to thank my best friends since middle school, Travis and Tyler. Thank you two men for always giving me a reason to smile, no matter what I’m going through. I hold you both so dearly to my heart, I love you. I want to thank my Soul Brothers (B.B.T.U.C & Synopsis), James Not Jim, and Robbie Smith. Thank you all for being such great friends, and label mates. I love you all in such a unique way. I couldn’t find those bonds anywhere else if I tried. I want to thank James (James Not Jim) separately, for being the greatest older brother I could’ve imagined, for all of the advice and guidance. For giving me a place to lay my head and make music when I had nowhere else to go. For being the mentor you don’t give yourself credit for. I’m proud of you and your little family you’ve started. I love you. I want to thank Ethan (Synopsis) separately for becoming one of my best friends, and sharing those late nights in the studio with me, during the making of this mixtape. Thank you for every late night conversation we’ve ever had. From giving me rides home from rehearsal, talking in your truck until I fuck up your sleep schedule, to pulling me aside and expressing how you feel about me and towards me. I love you, man. I want to thank Mario (B.B.T.U.C) separately for all of the stupid shit we always conspire and laugh about. For all of the song ideas and SNL skits that don’t go anywhere. I love you, and your kind soul. I want to thank Robbie separately for being such a kind person, always looking out for someone’s well-being. I’ve never stumbled across a spirit as pure and passionate as yours. I love you. I want to thank all of my other Moms (Anabel, Karen, Laura, and Amy) for everything you’ve done for me. I want to thank the singers that lended their talents and vocals to this mixtape, Taylor, Kim, and Robbie. Lastly, I’d like to thank all of the producers for this mixtape, none of this would’ve been possible without your talents, thank you from the deepest, most genuine part of my heart.

1. A Misfit’s Therapy
(Thomas Easter, Cesar Mireles)
Produced by Loud Beats

2. Midnight Marauder (Ft. Robbie Smith)
(Thomas Easter, Dave White, Robbie Smith)
Produced by Blunted Beats

3. Opulence
(Thomas Easter, Damian Lowkey)
Produced by Lowkey

4. Insomnia (Ft. Quim)
(Thomas Easter, Julian Guey-Binion, Kim Freeman)
Produced by Dramatics & Grimm Tha Kid

5. I Need Help
(Thomas Easter, James Ricketson, The Cratez)
Additional Vocals by James Not Jim
Produced by The Cratez

6. I Know Better
(Thomas Easter, Dahmeyon McDonald)
Produced by Uno East & Grimm Tha Kid

7. Window Pain
(Thomas Easter, Bobby Williams)
Produced by Bobby Williams

8. Wanderlust
(Thomas Easter, Robbie Smith, Omito)
Additional Vocals by Robbie Smith
Produced by Omito

9. Alternate Reality (Ft. Robbie Smith)
(Thomas Easter, Robbie Smith, Skeyez)
Produced by Skeyez

10. Happy Belated
(Thomas Easter, Cesar Mireles)
Additional Vocals by Winter Yant
Produced by Loud Beats & Superstaar Beats

11. A Proper Farewell (Ft. Taylor Bevandich)
(Thomas Easter, Taylor Bevandich, Dustin J. Chandler)
Produced by Mister Mammoth

All tracks recorded by: Grimm Tha Kid at The Monastery Studios
All tracks mixed by: Grimm Tha Kid
All tracks mastered by: Grimm Tha Kid
All artwork and design by: Grimm Tha Kid


released November 19, 2016



all rights reserved


Grimm Tha Kid Greeley, Colorado

Grimm Tha Kid is a 17 year old (April 29, 1999) Hip-Hop Artist/ Producer/ Songwriter, making music for those that want to be heard and understood. His music is very influenced from events in his life, and his views on various topics. His content consists of raw emotion and immensely meaningful lyrics. Music is life, and he aims to make it yours. Music is therapy.
Make your dreams reality.
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